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§ 1 General provisions

1. The owner and administrator of the online store is Wyspa Mody Izabela Biełka, ul. Wyzwolenia 2a Orzesze 43-180 NIP: 9542626634 REGON: 364818900

2. Both the layout of graphic elements and the layout of the content, as well as the content of the website itself, including the photos posted, are the property of the online store and enjoy legal protection under the provisions of the copyright law.

§ 2 Definitions

1. The terms used in the regulations mean:

1.1 Gift voucher - a bearer voucher, enabling the Customer to pay the price of the Product in a stationary and online store, up to the value of the funds accumulated on this voucher, recorded on a tangible medium (paper card) or in digital form (in a pdf file).

1.2 Business day - one day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

1.3 Registration form - a form available in the online store that allows you to create a Customer Account.

1.4 Order form - an electronic service that allows you to place an order.

1.5 Customer - a natural person, legal person, organizational unit without legal personality using the online store, as well as an entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship.

1.5.1 Consumer - a natural person who performs a legal transaction with the entrepreneur (e.g. concluding a contract) not directly related to its business or professional activity, as well as a person running a business whose PKD is not related to the Seller's activity.

1.6 Account - an electronic service with an assigned login and password, in which the data provided by the customer and information about orders placed by him in the online store are stored.

1.7 Newsletter - an electronic service provided by the Seller via e-mail, which allows the Seller to receive information about Products, news and promotions in the online store.

1.8 Product - a movable item available in the online store that is the subject of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller.

1.9 Seller: Wyspa Mody Izabela Biełka ul. Wyzwolenia 2a Orzesze 43-180 NIP: 9542626634 REGON: 364818900

1.10. Sales contract - a contract for the sale of a Product concluded or concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the online store.

1.11 Order - the Customer's declaration of will submitted via the Order Form and aimed directly at concluding a product sale agreement with the Seller.

§ 3 Account

1. The technical requirement to use the online store is to have a computer or other electronic device with access to a web browser and access to the Internet.

2. To create an account, it is necessary to fill in the contact form with the Customer's personal data. Each account is assigned an individual login and password. Creating an account is voluntary and optional.

3. The customer undertakes not to provide third parties with the data used to log in to the online store.

4. The advantage of having an account is the ability to check your purchase history and receive newsletters.

§ 4 Conditions for concluding a sales contract

1. The customer can place an order after registering through his account as well as without an account. In both cases, it is necessary to fill in the order form to place an order.

1.1. A customer running a business related to / unrelated to the activities of the Seller is obliged to sign the statement: I am making the purchase in connection with the professional activity YES / NO in the comments when placing the order.

2. The prices listed on the website are in Polish zlotys and include the applicable VAT tax.

3. In the order summary, there is information about the total price of the subject of the order and about the delivery costs. The customer is informed about all costs when completing the order form. There is no hidden cost in the ordering process.

4. Before placing an order, the Customer should read the content of the regulations and accept them. Acceptance of the regulations is voluntary, but necessary to correctly place the order.

5. Accepting the completed order form by clicking the slogan "I am buying with the obligation to pay and collect" is tantamount to the conclusion of the sales contract by the Buyer.

6. After placing the order, the Seller shall immediately inform the Customer about the acceptance of the order for execution. Confirmation will be made by sending the Customer an e-mail to the e-mail address that was entered by the Customer into the form when placing the order.

7. After placing the order, the customer receives an e-mail with information about the processing of the order and the possibility of dividing the order into parts and sending it in separate shipments or about updating the inventory and possible shortages in stock.

8. The order is saved in the online store system as proof of the contract.


§ 5 Payment terms and terms

1. The customer has the following payment methods at his disposal:

1.1 Payment by cash on delivery at the courier upon delivery - payment card or cash

1.2 Payment using the quick payment system: Przelewy24, Imoje, Imoje pay later, PayPal, PayPo


2. After placing the order and not paying it within 24 hours via the payment methods provided by us, the sales contract is terminated due to the fault of the customer, and the order is automatically canceled.

2.1. In the case of promotions and sales, the customer is obliged to make the payment within 1 hour from the conclusion of the sales contract. After exceeding this time, the contract (order) is terminated due to the customer's fault. The procedure is programmed systemically - automatically and is designed to prevent blocking of goods during increased traffic on the site. If the order is paid by traditional transfer, the customer must send a payment confirmation by e-mail to the address

3. If the Customer chooses to pay in cash on delivery, the Customer is obliged to make the payment in cash upon delivery.

§ 6 Terms and date of delivery of the order

1. If you choose payment on delivery, the order will be processed after its submission.

2. If you choose to pay by bank transfer or payment card, the order will be transferred for processing after the payment is credited to the Seller's bank account.

3. The order fulfillment time is 3-6 business days.

4. Product delivery is available on the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad according to the price list of courier companies (the price list is available in the delivery and payment tab).

5. The delivery of the Product to the Customer is payable, unless the Sales Agreement provides otherwise. Product delivery costs are public and are included in the "Delivery costs" tab and when placing the Order.

6. It is not possible to collect in person purchases made in the online store.

7. The time of transport of the product to the customer by the InPost courier company in the territory of the country is 1-2 working days (in accordance with the agreement with the company delivering the product).

8. The customer is obliged to check the parcel in the presence of the courier. If a shipment is damaged, it is necessary to draw up a transport damage report and immediately notify the Seller of this fact by sending an e-mail or telephone contact. Failure to write a damage report with the courier may prevent the initiation of the complaint procedure, and thus the return of the goods.

9. The given date of the extended order fulfillment is always specified in the product description and is an approximate date, it may change by a few days depending on the delivery of the product from the sewing room.

§ 7 Complaints and returns

1. The Seller is obliged to provide the Customer with a product free from defects.

2. All complaints and returns should be submitted by sending the completed form by courier or by Polish post to the address Wyspa Mody Izabela Biełka, ul. Wyzwolenia 2a Orzesze 43-180

3. The returned goods should be properly secured and packed and sent back complete, intact to the address of the shop: Wyspa Mody Izabela Biełka ul. Wyzwolenia 2a Orzesze 43-180 with a confirmation of sale and an attached complaint protocol, which can be downloaded from the website in the Returns Complaints tab.

3.1. The returned goods cannot bear traces of use (powder smell, use smell, perfume smell, discoloration around the armpits)

3.2. Returns sent to an address other than Wyspa Mody Izabela Biełka ul. Wyzwolenia 2a Orzesze 43-180 will not be collected, we are not responsible for the above-mentioned return packages. We do not accept returns of goods purchased in the online store in a stationary store.

3.3. Exchange of goods for a different model or size is ALWAYS FREE (instructions on how to make a free exchange can be found in the "free exchange" tab)

- free exchange does not apply if the store grants a gift card for return after the statutory return time.
- a customer who exchanges goods purchased through a gift card due to return after the deadline is entitled to two exchanges of goods at the cost sent.

3.4 A gift card exchanged for goods returned after the deadline IS NOT POSSIBLE TO RETURN OR EXCHANGE FOR ANOTHER GOODS OR A NEW GIFT CARD.

4. The basis for the return or complaint is the sale confirmation.

5. The Seller will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, not later than within 14 calendar days from the date of its submission. The basis for initiating the complaint or return procedure is a correctly completed complaint or return form available on the website and a confirmation of sale. Sending a different or incorrectly completed form may delay the consideration of the complaint.

6. The full scope of the Seller's liability and obligations towards the Customer is defined by generally applicable laws, in particular in the Civil Code. For sales contracts, the basis and scope of the Seller's liability towards the Customer for non-compliance of the product with the sales contract are defined by the generally applicable provisions of the consumer sales law.

6.1. The seller is liable under the warranty. Legal basis: art. 558 § 1 and 560 of the Civil Code

A) In the event of a defect, the consumer may submit a complaint to the seller under the warranty and demand one of the four actions:

-exchange of goods with a new one;

-repairs of goods;

- price reduction;

- withdrawal from the contract - if the defect is significant.

It is up to the consumer to choose a request. If the entrepreneur does not agree with this choice, he may propose a different solution under certain conditions, but this must be done within the conditions permitted by law. The following circumstances may be taken into account:

- easy and quick replacement or repair of goods;

-the nature of the defect - significant or irrelevant;

- whether the goods were previously advertised.

6.2 Customer-Consumer, the provisions of the Civil Code in the field of warranty for defects, in principle, will also apply to this entity. However, in such a situation, the provisions on limitations in modification of liability under the warranty (i.e. extensions, limitations or exclusions) will not apply.

7. In the event of noticed deficiencies, defects in the shipment or non-compliance with the order, please contact our Customer Service Center immediately, no later than within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the parcel from the courier by phone or e-mail, if the Customer Service Office is closed, the notification at a later date is void and not fastening.

§ 8 The right to withdraw from the contract

1. A customer who is a consumer and a customer-consumer running a business who concluded a distance contract may, within 14 calendar days, withdraw from it without giving any reason and without incurring additional costs, except for the costs of transport to the Seller. The declaration of withdrawal from the contract may be sent by courier or by Polish post to the address Wyspa Mody Izabela Biełka, ul. Wyzwolenia 2a Orzesze 43-180

1.1 Client A consumer running a sole proprietorship will be able to use the right of withdrawal as a consumer, only if it does not directly concern the industry in which the entrepreneur specializes, and the purchase itself is not of a professional nature.

2. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer and the customer-consumer are materially liable only for the diminished value of the goods resulting from handling them in a way other than necessary to assess their properties, characteristics and functionality. This situation concerns, in particular, the return of the linen.

3. The Seller is obliged to immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product return and the Customer's declaration of withdrawal from the contract, return to the Customer all payments made by him, including the costs of product delivery (except for additional costs resulting from the selected by The customer's delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method.

The seller refunds the payment for the goods as described:

a. In the case of cash on delivery or prepayment to the bank account to the account number provided in the form or to the account from which the payment was sent, in the case of illegible account number provided on the return form.

b. When paying by PayPal to a PayPal account

4. The customer is obliged to immediately, not later than within 14 calendar days from the date of withdrawal from the contract, return the product to the Seller. The customer bears the direct cost of returning the product.

§ 9 Provisions regarding entrepreneurs

1. This point of the Regulations and the provisions contained therein apply only to customers who are not consumers, and in the case of sole proprietorship, not having a professional nature of the Seller.

2. The Seller has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded with the Customer who is not a consumer within 14 calendar days from the date of its conclusion. Withdrawal from the Sales Agreement in this case may take place without giving a reason and does not give rise to any claims on the part of the Customer who is not a consumer.

3. In the case of Customers who are not consumers, the Seller has the right to limit the available payment methods, including requiring a prepayment in whole or in part, regardless of the method of payment chosen by the Customer and the fact of concluding a sales contract.

§ 10 Personal data and cookies

1. The Seller processes the Customer's personal data only for the purpose of executing the order.

2. The Seller may process the Customer's personal data also for a purpose other than the execution of the order after obtaining his consent.

3. The personal data of the website users are protected, in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data, in the best possible way, preventing access by third parties. The User has the right to access, modify and delete their personal data.

4. The Seller uses cookies, i.e. small text information, stored on the Customer's end device (eg computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies can be read by the Seller's IT system.

5. The Seller stores cookies on the Customer's end device, and then gains access to the information contained therein for statistical purposes, for marketing purposes (remartketing) and to ensure the proper operation of the online store.

6. The Seller hereby informs the Customer that it is possible to configure the web browser in such a way that it prevents the storage of cookies on the Customer's end device. In such a situation, the use of the online store by the customer may be difficult.

7. The Seller hereby indicates that cookies may be deleted by the Customer after they have been saved by the Seller, through the appropriate functions of the web browser, programs for this purpose or using appropriate tools available under the operating system used by the Customer.

§ 13 Final provisions

1. In matters not covered by these regulations, generally applicable provisions of Polish law and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law shall apply.

2. The current Regulations of the Online Store are published on the website and, at the Customer's request, it may be delivered to him by electronic means to the e-mail address provided in the registration forms.

3. The Seller reserves the right to change the Regulations. Agreements concluded prior to the amendment shall be governed by the version of the Regulations in force on the date of conclusion of the sales agreement.

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